Lake Superior Agate Inc. is proud to offer two books dedicated solely to the beautiful Minnesota State gemstone.

"The Lake Superior Agate - Fourth Edition"

by Scott F. Wolter - This book has 143 pages of valuable information which includes:

  • 69 color photographs of prized Lake Superior agates
  • Description of Lake Superior agates types and their formation
  • Personal stories of encounters with agate collectors
  • Where to go and what to look for when collecting Lake Superior agates
  • Glossary of geological terms
  • First ever price guide for appraising Lake Superior Agates
  • The "Top Ten" polished Lake Superior agates of all time
  • Over 30,000 copies sold since the first edition was published in November of 1986
  • Copyright 2008, format 8 ½" x 11"




  The Lake Superior Agate, Fourth Edition

"The Lake Superior Agate - One Man's Journey"

by Scott F. Wolter - An all new book about the author's 20-year Lake Superior agate experience. Inside this 175 page book you will find:

  • 64 All New color photographs of amazing specimens
  • Meet many of the top Lake Superior agate collectors of the past three decades
  • Read about the annual Moose Lake Agate Days, the Super Bowl of Lake Superior agates
  • Entertaining tales about tracking down the elusive "All-timers"
  • The Top Ten list of Lake Superior agates of all time
  • Copyright 2001, format 8" x 10"





"Amazing Agates - Lake Superior's Banded Gemstone"

by Scott F. Wolter

  • All copies of this book sold off of the website are signed by the author.
  • $9.95



  The Lake Superior Agate, Fourth Edition
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