Limited Edition Prints

Unique Lake Superior agate moments captured in watercolor paintings by Daniel Wiemer. These prints were commissioned by Scott Wolter to commemorate his new book, The Lake Superior Agate - One Man's Journey. A low run number of 500 prints, of each image were produced. All prints are numbered and signed by both the artist and author.

"One In A Million" - This beautiful Lake Superior North Shore scene captures a quiet family moment before their patient pursuit is pleasantly rewarded.
26 1/2" x 21 3/4"




"The Minnehaha Falls Agate" - Important moments in the rich history of the unique Lake Superior agate including it's modern discovery at historic Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
29" x 21"




Agates in Nature print series includes five spectacular specimens with curious creatures marveling at their beauty (image is 9” x 9”) $19.95/Print. Buy all five and get one free; same numbered sets available upon request:

Click here to buy the entire set - all 5 for the price of 4 ($79.80)


The Howard Agate - $19.95

Myer's Nodge - $19.95

Jingle Bells - $19.95

The Ham Agate - $19.95

 The Patriotic Agate - $19.95

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